Mombasa County

Transport & infrastructure

Infrastructure Development

Socio-economic Development

The department of transport and infrastructure is charged with the responsibility of taking care of and maintaining the roads, infrastructure including drainage, foot Paths Street lighting, and traffic lights among others.

In the last five years, after the introduction of devolution we have achieved a lot and constructed more roads than ever before. We have constructed over 100km of roads.We have also installed many street lights than any other time in history. The drainage system has to some extent been done depending on the allocation of funds considering that this is a capital intensive undertaking

Core Functions & Mandate

The importance of infrastructure for sustained economic development is well recognized. We are well aware that transaction costs arising from inadequate and inefficient infrastructure can prevent our economy from realising its full growth potential regardless of the progress on other fronts.

The County government of Mombasa has constructed more than 78 Km access roads in all sub counties which have improved access, reduced travel time, improved security and promoted economic activities in the areas. The improvement of Aldina-Kwa Ng’ombe Drift Bridge in Jomvu has enhanced security, improved connectivity, promoted economic development and improved social integration. The installation of traffic lights at six junctions (Saba, Buxton, Kengeleni, Digo, Makadara and King’orani) has greatly reduced traffic congestion and improved safety.

Thanks to the County Traffic Marshals, the traffic flow has improved significantly that movement into the CBD has become smooth taking a little less time than before. However, there were major plans for the city including provision of dedicated lanes.
The drainage system has always been a nightmare in Mombasa and to address this the County Government constructed storm water drainage systems in Majengo, Old Malindi Road, Hongera road and drainage works at Soko Mjinga, Sisi kwa Sisi, Flamingo, Wayani , Mwijabu Primary, Likoni flats, among other areas which has reduced flooding and ensured road safety. This has also been enhanced by installation of gulley pots and covers along Digo road and Abdel Naser road.